Mainly Girls: romance, drama, laughs

Airhead by Cabot, Meg
Sixteen-year-old Emerson Watts, an advanced placement student with a disdain
for fashion, is the recipient of a "whole body transplant" and finds herself
transformed into one of the world's most famous teen supermodels. 2008

Bewitching Season by Doyle, Marissa
In 1837, as seventeen-year-old twins Persephone and Penelope are starting their
first London Season they find that their beloved governess, who has taught them
everything they know about magic, has disappeared. 2008

Bloodline by Cary, Kate ~ WWI vampire story (See Fantasy)

Breaking Dawn by Meyer, Stephenie
In the latest addition to the author's vampire love saga, following New Moon and
Eclipse, questions are answered about the fate of Bella and Edward. 2008

Clique series by Harrison, Lisi
Bratfest at Tiffany's, Claire, Massie, Kristen, Alicia, Dylan

Companions of the Night by Vande Velde, Vivian (Vampire - See Mysteries)

Confessions of a Serial Kisser by Van Draanen, Wendelin PG
Determined to get the kiss of her dreams, Evangeline ends up with one bad
kissing experience after another, especially when false rumors start to circulate
and she gets in trouble for kissing her best friend's new crush. 2008

Cupid by Lester, Julius
Cupid--the god responsible for broken hearts, sleepless nights, and excruciating
love songs--finally gets what he deserves when he falls in love, crossing his
parents and Venus in the process. 2008

Duckling Ugly by Shusterman, Neal (see description under Fantasy)

Eleven by Myracle, Lauren
Twelve by Myracle, Lauren
Thirteen by Myracle, Lauren

Ever by Levine, Gail Carson
Fourteen-year-old Kezi and Olus, Akkan god of the winds, fall in love and
together try to change her fate--to be sacrificed to a Hyte god because of a rash
promise her father made--through a series of quests that might make her
immortal. 2008

Girl, Barely 15 : Flirting for England by Limb, Sue
When her family agrees to take in a French exchange student, Jess Jordan finds
herself in a terrible dilemma as her new houseguest starts to fall for her and her
best friend, Fred, refuses to take the part of being her fake boyfriend as seriously
as she wishes he would. 2008

How to Be Popular by Cabot, Meg
After the Super Big Gulp incident, Steph Landry, now known as the town screw-
up, discovers a little book called "How to Be Popular," which propels her into a
world of popularity with hilarious--and romantic--results. 2008 pbk

Impossible by Werlin, Nancy PG
When seventeen-year-old Lucy discovers her family is under an ancient curse by
an evil Elfin Knight, she realizes to break the curse she must perform three
impossible tasks before her daughter is born in order to save them both.

In the Forests of the Night by Atwater-Rhodes, Amelia
Risika, a teenage vampire, wanders back in time to the year 1684 when, as a
human, she died and was transformed against her will. 2000

Ink Exchange by Marr, Melissa (See Wicked Lovely)
Seventeen-year-old Leslie wants a tattoo as a way of reclaiming control of herself
and her body, but the eerie image she selects pulls her into the dangerous Dark
Court of the faeries, where she draws on inner strength to make a horrible

The Kayla Chronicles by Winston, Sherri
Kayla transforms herself from mild-mannered journalist to hot-trotting dance diva
in order to properly investigate her high school's dance team, and has a hard
time remaining true to her real self while in the role. 2008

Keturah And Lord Death by Leavitt, Martine
When Lord Death comes to claim sixteen-year-old Keturah while she is lost in the
King's Forest, she charms him with her story and is granted a twenty-four hour
reprieve in which to seek her one true love. 2006 (From Canada)

Lock and Key by Dessen, Sarah
When her mother abandons her at her estranged sister's house to start her life
anew, Ruby tries to adjust to her new home, family, and strange new reality the
best she can while dealing with the sad fact that her mother is most probably
gone from her life for good. 2008

Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac by Zevin, Gabrielle PG
A toss of the coin ends up changing Naomi's life after a slip on the stairs results
in amnesia, a disconnect with the life she once led, and a new relationship with a
young man with a questionable past. 75,000 first printing. 2007

Nobody's Princess by Friesner, Esther Helen of Troy!
Nobody's Prize by Friesner, Esther (See Action…)

Poison Apples by Archer, Lily
The stepdaughters of three very evil stepmothers, Alice, Reena, and Molly come
together at a posh boarding school in rural Massachusetts where they plot their
revenge--and form a powerful bond of friendship. 2007

Primavera by Beaufrand, Mary Jane (See In another time and place in

Princess Ben by Murdock, Catherine Gilbert
A girl is transformed, through instruction in life at court, determination, and magic,
from sullen, pudgy, graceless Ben into Crown Princess Benevolence, a fit ruler of
the kindgom of Montagne as it faces war with neighboring Drachensbett. 2008

Princess on the Brink by Cabot, Meg (Princess Diaries #8)
With her junior year ahead, Princess Mia fears the worst, especially when it
comes to precalculus, but when her boyfriend Michael tells her he's leaving for a
year in Japan, it's one more thing that may send her over the edge. 2008

Red Necklace : A Story of the French Revolution (See History)

Ribbons by Yep, Laurence
A promising young ballet student cannot afford to continue lessons when her
Chinese grandmother emigrates from Hong Kong, creating jealousy and conflict
among the entire family. 1997 (An old jewel for the dancers!)

Rumors by Godbersen, Anna
Backstabbing best friends, family secrets, and strict social rules encircle
Penelope and Lina in the dramatic sequel to The Luxe, set in Manhattan in 1899.

Secret Identity of Devon Delaney by Barnholdt, Lauren
seemingly harmless lie to her "summer friend" Lexi sets off a chain reaction when
Lexi moves to Devon's hometown and Devon must find a way to live up to the
popular image she touted. 2008

My Sister the Vampire series
Switched by Mercer, Sienna
Upon moving to Franklin Grove, eighth-grader Olivia Abbott, a pink-loving
cheerleader, learns that she has a twin sister, Ivy Vega, whose "goth"
appearance hides a weird secret. 2007

Fangtastic! by Mercer, Sienna
Eighth-grade twins Olivia and Ivy and their friends try to prevent a nosy
television reporter, Serena Star, from uncovering the secret community of
vampires in Franklin Grove. 2007

Re-Vamped! by Mercer, Sienna
When Olivia and Ivy tell their classmates and parents that they are identical
twins, the word spreads to the vampire officials and Olivia must prove that
she is worthy of keeping Ivy's true identity a secret. 2007

Vampalicious! by Mercer, Sienna
Only a few months after finding each other again, twin sisters Ivy, a vampire,
and Olivia, a cheerleader, risk losing each other when their father decides to
move to Europe and take only Ivy with him. 2007

Shug by Han, Jenny
A twelve-year-old girl learns about friendship, first loves, and self-worth in a small
town in the South. 2007

Silver Kiss by Klause, Annette Curtis
Beautiful yet frightening, only Simon, the young vampire who comes to her house
in the middle of the night, can help Zoe overcome her brooding thoughts of her
dying mother and her own loneliness. 1992

Sold by McCormick, Patricia
When she is tricked by her stepfather and sold into prostitution, thirteen-year-old
Lakshmi becomes submerged in a nightmare where her only comfort is the
friendship she forms with the other girls, which helps her survive--and eventually

Squad : Perfect Cover by Barnes, Jennifer Lynn (See Mysteries)
Squad : Killer Spirit by Barnes, Jennifer Lynn

The Sweet, Terrible, Glorious Year I Truly, Completely Lost It
by Shanahan, Lisa
Fourteen-year-old Gemma Stone struggles to understand her shifting emotions
as her older sister plans her wedding, she overcomes her nerves and tries out for
the school play, and she gets to know one of the most notorious boys in her
class. 2007

Sweethearts by Zarr, Sara PG
After losing her soul mate, Cameron, when they were nine, Jennifer, now
seventeen, transformed herself from the unpopular fat girl into the beautiful and
popular Jenna, but Cameron's unexpected return dredges up memories that
cause both social and emotional turmoil. 2008

The Plain Janes by Castellucci, Cecil; Rugg, Jim (See Graphic Novels)

To Catch a Pirate by Parker, Jade
When Annalisa Townsend seeks revenge on the pirates who stole her father's
treasure a year before, one scallywag, James Sterling, who stole a kiss on their
first meeting, threatens to now also steal her heart. 2007

Undercover by Kephart, Beth
As a gifted poet who remains anonymous when the boys come to her for help in
wooing their loves, Elisa uses her talent to coax her father to come home from an
extended business trip that is tearing their fragile family apart, yet when a jealous
girl plots to do her harm, Elisa must find out why before her entire world starts to
unravel. 2008

Vampire Kisses series by Schreiber, Ellen
Vampire Kisses
Sixteen-year-old Raven, an outcast who always wears black and hopes to
become a vampire some day, falls in love with the mysterious new boy in
town, eager to find out if he can make her dreams come true. 2005
Kissing Coffins
Sixteen-year-old Raven, a vampire-obsessed goth girl, searches for her true
love, Alexander, who she has learned is a real vampire. 2007
As teen vampire twins Luna and Jagger try to trick a high school soccer star
into bonding with Luna for eternity, sixteen-year-old goth girl Raven Madison
and her vampire boyfriend, Alexander, strive to save him. 2007
Dance with a Vampire
When eleven-year-old Valentine, younger brother of vampires Jagger and
Luna, comes to Dullsville looking for them, he threatens goth-girl Raven's
younger brother, Billy Boy, as well as her relationship with her vampire
boyfriend. 2008

Weregirls : Birth of the Pack by Popescu, Petru (See Sports)

Wicked Lovely by Marr, Melissa (See Ink Exchange)
Seventeen-year-old Aislinn, who has the ability to see faeries, is drawn against
her will into a centuries-old battle between the Summer King and Winter Queen,
and the survival of her life, her love, and summer all hang in the balance. 2008

Wild Girls by Murphy, Pat

The Year My Sister Got Lucky by Friedman, Aimee
When Katie and her older sister, Michaela, move from New York City to upstate
New York, Katie is horrified by country life but is even more shocked when her
sister adapts effortlessly, enjoying their new life, unlike Katie. 2008