New Nonfiction 2008-2009

Art, Drama, Music (mainly Dewey 700s)

Animals by Robinson, Nick
Provides instructions for how to fold paper into shapes resembling various
animals, and includes practice paper and paper pre-printed with designs to make
the final product more lifelike. 2006

Anime by Marcovitz, Hal
Describes the history of anime, covering its influences, its arrival in the United
States, what sets it apart from other types of animation, the role of women in
anime, and messages in anime. 2007

Artist to Artist : 23 Major Illustrators Talk to Children About Their Art
by Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art (COR); Carle, Eric (INT)
n this extraordinary anthology, the most honored and beloved artists in children's
literature share secrets about their art and detail their journey into the world of
illustration, providing photographs of their early work, sketches and finished art,
and self-portraits. 2007

Career Ideas for Kids Who Like Art by Reeves, Diane Lindsey; Clasen,
Lindsey; Bond, Nancy
Explores fifteen different career possibilities for people who have artistic interests
and aptitudes, including animator, cosmetologist, floral designer, and
photojournalist. 2007

Career Ideas for Kids Who Like Music and Dance by Reeves, Diane Lindsey;
Clasen, Lindsey; Bond, Nancy (ILT)
Describes occupations in music and dance, including choir director, costume
designer, disc jockey, music therapist, and sound engineer, and describes how to
prepare for them. 2007

Chinese Brush Painting : A Hands-On Introduction to the Traditional Art by
Self, Caroline; Self, Susan
Introduces the art of Chinese brush painting, discussing the principles of painting;
materials; holding the brush; and how to paint calligraphy characters, an orchid,
and landscapes. 2007

Computer Animation by Marcovitz, Hal
Looks at the history of computer animation, animation of computer games, the
techniques of computer animation, and the future of computer animation. 2007

Drawing : The Only Drawing Book You'll Ever Need To Be The Artist You've
Always Wanted To Be by Temple, Kathryn
Contains hands-on activities to teach basic elements including shading
techniques and creating perspective. 2005

Fantasy! Cartooning by Caldwell, Ben
Presents the techniques of fantasy cartooning, including detailed instructions on
how to draw monsters, heroes, and magical kingdoms. 2005

Funny Cartooning for Kids by Artell, Mike
A step-by-step guide for drawing funny animals and people, including animals
and objects doing "people" things, people in different poses, and unusual body
types and gestures. 2006

Good Masters, Sweet Ladies! : Voices from a Medieval Village
by Schlitz, Laura Amy; Byrd, Robert (ILT)
A collection of short one-person plays featuring characters, between ten and
fifteen years old, who live in or near a thirteenth-century English manor. 2007
Newberry Honor Book

Hip-hop : A Short History by Waters, Rosa
Presents a history of the cultural phenomenon of hip hop, from the beginning of
the movement in the neighborhoods of the Bronx to its place in today's
contemporary music scene. 2006

Junk Drawer Jewelry by Salle, Rachel Di; Warwick, Ellen; Kurisu, Jane (ILT)
Describes how to make jewelry out of low-cost materials that can be found in
junk drawers, recycling bins, and toolboxes, including copper wire rings, duct
tape wristbands, bathtub chain anklets, and guitar pick necklaces. 2006

Manga : The Complete Guide by Thompson, Jason
A comprehensive guide to manga features detailed reviews of more than nine
hundred different manga series released in the U.S., with descriptions of each
series, star ratings, background on the series and artist, age appropriateness,
number of volumes, and more, along with a history of manga in the U.S., types of
manga, and a detailed bibliography and resource section. 2007

Monster Origami by Nguyen, Duy
Introduces the basic folding techniques used in origami, then presents step-by-
step instructions for creating ten origami monsters, including the vampire bat,
Frankenstein's monster, and Count Dracula. 2007

More How to Draw Manga : The Basics of Character Drawing
Origami for the First Time by Smith, Soonboke
Provides instructions for a variety of origami projects, including a coaster, a
utensil holder, a picture frame, a dove, a gift box, and a letter holder. 2004

Origami Holiday Decorations : For Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa by
Temko, Florence; Poeter, Barbara (ILT); Kutchukian, Dave (PHT)
Renaissance Art by Kallen, Stuart A.
Provides a historical overview of the development of different types of art and
artistic movements; explores the roots and influences of the genre and the key
components that are definitive of the style; discusses the pioneers of the art; and
considers the changes the genre has undergone from its inception to its present
status. 2008

Sensational Scenes for Teens : The Scene Studyguide for Teen Actors by
Stevens, Chambers
Presents more than thirty comedic and dramatic scenes for teenagers and
includes advice from Hollywood experts, a glossary of theater and television
terms, and advanced scene study exercises. 2001

Show and Tell : Exploring The Fine Art of Children's Book Illustration by
Evans, Dilys
A fascinating exploration of children's book illustration focuses on the work of
twelve contemporary illustrators, including David Wiesner, Lane Smith, David
Shannon, and Betsy Lewin, to teach readers about the perfect marriage of art
and text. 2008