New Nonfiction 2008-2009

History Assortment

Ancient Egypt: The Greenhaven Encyclopedia of Ancient Egypt by Patricia D. Netzley
An alphabetical presentation of definitions and descriptions of terms and events
associated with ancient Egypt. 2003

Ancient Rome : Archaeolology Unlocks the Secrets Rome's Past
by Deckker, Zilah
Discusses important archaeological finds from Rome and reveals how
archaeologists use the latest technology to discover clues to its ancient

Age of Feudalism by Davenport, John
Introduces European history from the fall of Rome to the rise of nation-states.

America at War by Hopkins, Lee Bennett (COM); Alcorn, Stephen (ILT)
A collection of poems about America at war from the Revolution to the Iraq war.

American History Fresh Squeezed : 41 Thirst-For-Knowledge-Quenching
by Shields, Carol Diggory; Thompson, Richard (ILT)
A collection of poems on such important events in the history of the United States
as the Pilgrims' landing in Massachusetts, the Louisiana Purchase, the Civil War,
Seward's Folly, the San Francisco earthquake, and more. 2002

Ancient Alexandria by Nardo, Don

Ancient Rome : Archaeolology Unlocks the Secrets Rome's Past by
Deckker, Zilah
Authoritative texts that include interviews with experts, maps, useful time lines,
glossaries, and more bring readers up to date on the latest findings of and
current viewpoints on ancient civilizations from leading archaeologists. 2007

Arts, Leisure And Sport In Ancient Egypt by Nardo, Don
Describes the craftsmanship and recreational activities of the ancient Egyptians,
including ceramics, games, and music. 2005

Baseball : A History of the National Pastime by Stewart, Mark
A comprehensive history of baseball focusing on its evolution, momentous
events, and key personalities. 1998

Basketball : A History of Hoops by Stewart, Mark
Discusses the origins and evolution of the sport of basketball, as well as
important events and key personalities in both college and professional versions
of the game. 1999

Birth of Mathematics: Ancient Times to 1300 by Bradley, Michael J.
Profiles ten individuals who have made significant contributions to the field of
mathematics, from ancient times to 1300. 2006

Eyewitness Vote by Steele, Philip
Looks at the history of voting and the election process, from ancient times to the
present day. 2008

Football : A History of the Gridiron Game by Stewart, Mark
Discusses the origins and evolution of the game of football, as well as
memorable events and key personalities in the game's history. 1999

Gladiator by Nobleman, Marc Tyler
Describes who gladiators were, how they were chosen, how they were trained,
and what a typical tournament might look like. 2007

Good Masters, Sweet Ladies! : Voices from a Medieval Village
by Schlitz, Laura Amy; Byrd, Robert (ILT)
A collection of short one-person plays featuring characters, between ten and
fifteen years old, who live in or near a thirteenth-century English manor. 2007
Newberry Honor Book

Hockey : A History of the Fastest Game on Ice by Stewart, Mark
Discusses the origins and evolution of the game of hockey, as well as
memorable events and key personalities in this sport. 1999

Islam by Clark, Charles
Discusses the history, beliefs, popularity, practices, politics, and challenges of
one of the world's major religions, Islam. 2002

King George: What Was His Problem? : Everything Your Schoolbooks
Never Told You About the American Revolution

by Sheinkin, Steve; Robinson, Tim (ILT)
The story of the birth of our nation, complete with soldiers, spies, salmon
sandwiches, and real facts, is presented in a narrative tale filled with little-known
details and anecdotes. 2008

Leisure Life of the Ancient Greeks by Nardo, Don
Looks at leisure pursuits in ancient Greece, including art, the theater, literature,
games, and athletic competitions. 2004

Life in Ancient Egypt by Streissguth, Thomas
Discusses life in ancient Egypt including: work, the Pharaoh and his court,
Egyptian art and artisans, preparing for death, and leisure time. 2001

Life In The Ancient Indus River Valley by Richardson, Hazel
Describes the social development and organization of the early inhabitants of
present-day Pakistan, including overland and sea trade, the caste system, and
religious beliefs. 2005

Life In Ancient Rome by Adams, Simon; Davis, Lindsey (FRW)
History comes alive in an unbeatable guide to Ancient Rome--from its legendary
origins, bloody battles, and ingenuity to the eventual decline of the empire. 2005

Lords, Ladies, Peasants and Knights : Class in the Middle Ages
by Nardo, Don
Explores the daily lives of different social classes in Europe during the Middle
Ages. 2006

Medicis : A Ruling Dynasty by Wagner, Heather Lehr
Looks at the lives and history of the powerful family from Florence. 2005

The Middle Ages by Bruno Leone, Book Editor
222 pages of primary resources. 2002

Miracles, Saints, and Superstition the Medieval Mind : The Medieval Mind
by Currie, Stephen
Provides the basic tenents of early Christianity, explains its spread across
Europe, and discusses the role of religion, superstition, and science in the daily
lives of those who lived in the Middle Ages. 2006

Pharaoh : Life and Afterlife of a God by Kennett, David
A beautifully illustrated volume takes readers back in time to ancient Egypt where
they will witness first-hand the accomplishments, responsibilities, and legacies of
the Pharaoh, the supreme ruler of all Egypt--and a living God. 2008

Pyramids by Stuart A. Kallen
Discusses the building, purpose, and mystical associations of the Egyptian pyramids. 2002

Renaissance by Cole, Alison
rovides background information on major works of Renaissance art, the artists
who produced them, and the times in which they were created. (Eyewitness)

Renaissance Art by Kallen, Stuart A.
Provides a historical overview of the development of different types of art and
artistic movements; explores the roots and influences of the genre and the key
components that are definitive of the style; discusses the pioneers of the art; and
considers the changes the genre has undergone from its inception to its present
status. 2008

A Renaissance Painter's Studio by Barter, James
Describes the arduous training and day-to-day working lives of painters in
Florence during the Renaissance, and discusses how their changing approach to
the art they created elevated their standing and influence in Florentine society.

Soccer : A History of the World's Most Popular Game by Stewart, Mark
A comprehensive history of soccer, focusing on its evolution, momentous events,
and key personalities. 1998

Sea Queens : Women Pirates Around the World by Yolen, Jane; Pratt,
Christine Joy (ILT)
rief biographies of women pirates from around the world. 2008

Trouble Begins at 8 : A Life of Mark Twain in the Wild, Wild West by
Fleischman, Sid
A biography of the celebrated steamboat pilot, journalist, gold prospector, and
novelist focuses on Mark Twain's early days, from his childhood in Missouri to his
adventures as a young man in the Wild West. 2008

A Travel Guide to Ancient Alexandria by Nardo, Don
A historical look at ancient Alexandria and its people, education, weather, transportation,
hotels, shopping, festivals, sporting events, banks, government, and sightseeing. 2003

A Travel Guide to Ancient Rome by Nardo, Don
Examines the people, educational system, scientific and artistic discoveries,
social structure, shopping, festivals, and famous artists of Rome in 143 A.D.

A Travel Guide to Medieval Constantinople by James Barter
A visitors' guide to Constantinople in 1024, including what to see, where to stay, and
what to eat, with sidebars on such topics as Emperor Constantine, the Hagia Sophia,
and a drink made of roasted beans from Kaffa. 2003

Unholy Crusade : The Ransacking of Medieval Constantinople
by Lace, William W.
Discusses the reasons behind the first three Crusades and their failure, and
describes how the fourth Crusade was begun, the troubles plaguing the war, and
the consequences of the brutal conquering of Constantinople. 2006

Women of Ancient Greece by Nardo, Don
Describes women in ancient Greece through the Hellenistic age, including their
legal rights and status, their home life, their roles in community activities, and
their image in mythology, drama, and philosophy. 2000

Wonders of the World by Steele, Philip; Riviere, Francoise (FRW)
Computer-generated images, breathtaking photographs, and engaging text
reveal the greatest statues and structures that the world has ever seen, from the
ingenuity of ancient engineering to the innovation of modern marvels. 2007