New Nonfiction 2008-2009

Social Issues and Self-help (mainly Dewey 100s and 300s)

Abortion by Lassieur, Allison 2001

Acid Rain by Rebecca K. O'Connor
Defines what acid rain is and the problem it creates for people and for the
environment. Lemon juice from the sky? -- Acid lakes and dying fish --
Disappearing forests and damaged soil -- Oh, say can you see ...
everything deteriorating? -- The future is in our hands. 2004

Adoption by Greenhaven Press (COR) 11/7/2008

Athletes and Drug Use by Friedman, Lauri S. 11/7/2008

Body Image by Williams, Heidi 9/19/2008

Bigotry by Levy, Deborah
Presents a historical view of causes and effects of stereotypes, hate groups, hate
crimes, and the legal and other methods used to combat them, with emphasis on
recent incidents in the United States. 2002

Bullying and Hazing by Hamilton, Jill 8/29/2008

Cancer by Yount, lisa
Discusses the effects, prevention, detection, and treatment of cancer.

Chemical Dependency by Barbara Sheen
Explains what chemical dependency is, why people become dependent on chemicals,
the effects of chemical dependency, treatment, how to stay chemical free, and
prevention of chemical dependency. 2003

Civil Liberties by Levy, Debbie
Discusses civil liberties guaranteed by the Constitution including freedom of
speech and assembly, media freedoms, religious liberties, and right to privacy.

Cloning by Yount, Lisa, Ed. 2000

Dieting by Boaz, Claire Kreger (EDT)
Essays discuss the proper way to lose weight, the effectiveness and healthiness
of different diets, and current weight-loss trends among teenagers. 2007

Divorce by Liesa Abrams
Discusses the causes of divorce, its prevalence in the United States,
and its effects on children, families, and society. 2004

Dress Codes in Schools by Hamilton, Jill (EDT) 6/6/2008

Eating Disorders by Strada, Jennifer 2001
An obsession with food -- Causes and risk factors of eating disorders --
Effects of eating disorders -- Treatment of eating disorders --
Prevention of eating disorders. 2001

Epidemics by Yount, Lisa
Discusses the return of epidemics in modern times, possible causes, and how
they are tracked and controlled. 2000

Euthanasia by Yount, Lisa
Discusses all forms of assisted death, including physician-assisted suicide, and
the medical, legal, and ethical controversies surrounding euthanasia. 2001

Gambling by Gail B. Stewart
Discusses the history of gambling in the United States, the development of Indian
casinos, whether gambling is truly beneficial to communities, and some of the
problems associated with gambling. 2001

Gun Control by Leanne K. Currie-McGhee
Discusses issues surrounding the control of guns in America, such as the value of
waiting periods, whether gun control prevents violence, and whether restrictions
violate constitutional rights. 2004

Health Care by Deborah S. Romaine
Discusses various aspects of modern health care, including the changing profession
of medicine, access to health care services, keeping communities healthy,
health care costs, ethics, and the future. 2000

How to Raise Your Parents : A Teen Girl's Survival Guide
by Burningham, Sarah O'leary; Pilar, Bella (ILT)
Helps girls and their parents navigate the early teen years, offering advice about
parental hot buttons and insight into what the world looks like from a parent's
point of view.

Human Rights by Keith McGowan
An overview of human rights issues, including the historical basis for the movement
to uphold human rights internationally, and a look at the state of civil, political,
economic, and social rights today. 2003

The Information Age by James D. Torr, Editor
A collection of essays that take positions on different aspects of the impact of the Internet
on our lives. 2003

The Kennedy Assassination by Stuart A. Kallen
Explores the mystery behind the Kennedy assassination and looks at the reasons,
the individuals, and the events leading up to that fateful day. 2003

Living with Depression by Miller, Alan R.
Discusses the warning signs of depression, its causes and types, and treatment
options. 2008

Medical Ethics by Debbie Levy
Experimental treatments -- Genetic engineering -- Promise and perils of information --
Organ transplants -- Assisted suicide. 2001

Philosophy for Kids : 40 Fun Questions That Help You Wonder ... About
by White, David A. 2001

Racism by Mary E. Williams
A collection of essays that take positions on different aspects of tracism. 2004

Rap Music by Keeley, Jennifer 2001

Rights of Animals by Auriana Ojeda, Editor 2004
A collection of essays that take positions on different aspects of the rights of animals.

School Violence by Jeff Jones
Scope of school violence -- Roots of school violence -- Violence in the media --
Gangs in schools -- Guns in schools -- Making schools safe. 2001

Who Moved My Cheese? for Teens : An A-Mazing Way to Change and Win!
by Johnson, Spencer
Presents the author's parable about change framed in a story about a group of
high school friends trying to handle change in their lives. 2002