New Nonfiction 2008-2009

Mythology, Religion, the Supernatural, and Superheroes

(mainly Dewey 100s, 200s and 300s)

Atlantis by Don Nardo
Discusses the mystery and theories surrounding Atlantis, a legendary lost continent
which Plato wrote about in 399 B.C. 2004

Beowulf : A Tale of Blood, Heat, and Ashes by Raven, Nicky (RTL); Howe,
John (ILT)
A modern, illustrated retelling of the Anglo-Saxon epic about the heroic efforts of
Beowulf, son of Ecgtheow, to save the people of Heorot Hall from the terrible
monster, Grendel. 2007

Dreams by Stuart A. Kallen
Explains the process of dreaming, dream interpretation, and the belief that you
dream what you are. 2004

Eyewitness Mythology by Philip, Neil
Presents a full-color illustrated history of ancient mythology from Greece, Rome,
Egypt, and other parts of the world and includes creation and flood stories,
worship of the sun and stars, gods and goddesses, and more. 2005

Fairies by Nancy Hoffman
Describes the characteristics of fairies, how they came to be, and where
they might be found. 2004

Greek Gods And Heroes by Graves, Robert 1960

Haunted Houses by Netzley, Patrick D. 2000
Heroes, Gods, and Monsters of the Greek Myths by Evslin, Bernard
Provides retellings of the ancient Greek myths, arranged in four sections: the
Gods, Nature Myths, Demigods, and Fables and includes a brief section on
words from the Greek myths which are part of the English language. 1977

Mighty Twelve : Superheroes of Greek Myth by Smith, Charles R., Jr; Russell,
P. Craig (ILT)
ntroduces readers to the ancient gods and goddesses of Olympus through an
examination of their incredible skills and superhero strength, enhanced with
comic book-style illustrations and poetic verse. 2008

Monsterology : The Complete Book of Monstrous Creatures
by Drake, Ernest, Dr.; Steer, Dugald (EDT)
Provides an in-depth examination of dragons and other mythical creatures with
booklets of information, riddles to tell a sphinx, and more, as well as numerous
colorful foldouts, pull-outs, and flaps. 2008

Mythological Creatures : A Classical Bestiary by Curlee, Lynn
Gods, goddesses, beasts, heroes, and magical creatures, such as Medusa, the
Minotaur, Chimeras, and Phoenixes, come to life in this comprehensive guide to
ancient myths and legends for readers of all ages. 2008

Ripley's Believe It or Not : The Remarkable...revealed by Tibballs, Geoff
Presents an illustrated collection of unusual phenomena and oddities, grouped
into such categories as curious creations, incredible animals, fantastic feats, and
unusual tales. 2007

Stories From Adam And Eve To Ezekiel
by Lottridge, Celia Barker; Clement, Gary (ILT)
Retells thirty-two stories from the Old Testament, including those of Abraham,
Joseph, Noah, Moses, David, and Jonah. 2004

Ultimate Guide to the Justice League of America by Beatty, Scott; Stewart,
Roger (ILT)
ntroduces the characters--heroes and villains--and major story lines of DC
Comics' comic books about the interplanetary club of superheroes who work
together to safeguard the universe. 2002

Witches by Kallen, Stuart A.
Discusses witches, including ancient witches; the years between 1450 and 1700
during which time people accused of being witches were violently persecuted;
witchcraft today; and magic and spells. 2000